Lets face it we need new ideas in the kitchen. Especially when it comes to including vegetables. It can be hard to think about meat or dairy not being the main focus especially if you are just getting started eating more plant based. In the Standard American Diet fruit & vegetables always seem to become the side dish. So we've thought up a great idea to make things easy for a couple days and inspire you in your own kitchen to create healthy, plant based meals. 

We do all the prep! We do the foraging for nutrition packed ingredients. We do the chopping, the soaking, the sprouting and even sometimes fermentation. Our ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible and we use all organic. 

The meals are prepared without the use of meat, dairy or refined sugars. We strive to use things in their purest form starting with whole food and creating something you will feel good to eat and feed your family.  We use reusable glass containers that you purchase for $30.00 and keep. Just remember to bring them back to the next meal prep. Most of the food will be prepared when you arrive to keep within our 2 hour timeline on your Sunday. We demo 2-3 items, either a main or side. Providing the recipes for you to recreate at home whenever you feel inspired. 

You have options:

  1. 1-2 people: 4 containers, 2 meals for 2 and an extra for sides, nut cheese or sauce. Plus one double slice of raw cake $85
  2. Family Style: 3 containers, 2 large meal containers plus one extra for sauce or toppings we might not want to mix in right away. Plus 1 double slice of raw cake $105 

Come away with delicious meals,  a couple new recipes and lots of inspiration! 

To reserve your spot call 707-633-8328

Space is limited!